Never Never Juniper Freak Gin - 50cl - 58% ABV


Never Never is a Gin Kiosk exclusive.

Never Never are disruptors! Late comers to the Gin scene, the Australian dream team burst onto the scene promising to kick off a juniper revolution. So far, so good – the young trio behind the distillery, George Georgiadis, Sean Baxter and Tim Boast, have put their money where their mouths are, launching with their Triple Juniper Gin, and making liquid magic from there on out.

Never Nevery Juniper Freak Gin takes it all a few steps farther. Described by its creators as “an oiled up beast,” this is an intense attack, with so much juniper in sip that it positively hums, the ensuing vibrations causing your face to go numb. It’s a big, big, gin, and a sharp one too, at 58%. For serious Gin drinkers only…

To serve: Lime wedge & Indian tonic.