Manly Australian Dry Gin - 70cl - 43% ABV


Based a stones throw away from Manly Beach, Australia, the Manly Spirits Co. has spent the last couple of years perfecting their glorious spirit range, with Australian Gins, Botanical Vodkas, Whiskies and even a Limoncello making waves across the country.

They’ve finally launched internationally, and we’re the very first retailer to get our hands on them, so you can be the first of the first of the first in the country to try from this delicious, sea-foraged range.

Sea lettuce is the first botanical that’ll capture your attention both on the page and in the glass. It’s a marvellous botanical, bringing a real coastal crisp note to proceedings. Still, while it commands attention it doesn’t dominate the gin, instead that’s the job of good old juniper.

Manly Australian Gin holds strong as a solid, classic gin for a small while, before a cacophony of wild, many Aussie flavours steal through. It moves from salty, to green to cool in a millisecond, teasing the tongue in all sorts of direction. It’s very much the good kind of interesting.

The branding work is marvellous here too – how often do you see a bottle this good looking? It’s one to sit pride of place on your Gin shelf (and also makes for a very impressive gift).

To serve: Up the classic stance with a wedge of lime.