Sacred Spiced Vermouth - 70cl - 18% ABV


Sacred Spiced Vermouth - 70cl - 18% ABV

Sacred Gin is a micro distillery located in Highgate, London. Unlike a traditional distillery with copper pot stills, Sacred Gin is distilled under vacuum in glassware that resembles more a chemistry lab gone crazy. Move over Walter White... 

Alongside their award wining gins, they produce vermouth and bitters.

Sacred Spiced Vermouth is a rich, deep and gently bitter vermouth, made with English wine from Gloucestershire, organic wormwood & thyme grown in Somerset. They also add sweet orange studded with cloves from madagascar.

There's clear fruit on the nose, but what emerges as different is the sensation of yuletide spice (cinnamon and clove). This is reflected to taste on what is a medium sweet vermouth, lifted by the zesty burst of citrus. 


The spices define this sweet vermouth, so you've either got to lean into them, or choose to contrast. We like doing the former and matching it with a gin that's got a good dose of cardamom (like Sacred Cardamom Gin or Warner's Harrington Dry).