Exclusive to Gin Kiosk: Merchant's Heart Spirit Enhancers
Like the age-old adage dictates, when life gives you lemons, chop them up into tiny little slices and slather them in gin and tonic. The two are an inseparable force, like a nicer Bonnie and Clyde, always on hand to guide you through a bad day or to help you toast a good one.
While we give a very large amount of attention to gin, we can sometimes let tonic fall by the wayside. Newcomers Merchant’s Heart, though, are hard to ignore. All of their deliciously bittersweet tonics and spirit enhancers are designed to support the botanicals within a gin, elevating the humble G&T into something a lot more dazzling. Gin Kiosk has exclusivity on the range so be quick before it gets snapped up by all those other gin geeks!
Tonic Water This is a classic tonic water, medicinal to smell and initially sweet to taste, followed by a loud, proud quinine that latches onto the back of the tongue and imparts its bitter flavour. A crisp citrus flavour appears towards the finish, resulting in an altogether refreshing taste that would work to support the loudest of gins.

Hibiscus This is a joyfully fizzy, tart and tangy drink with a rich, candied fruit smell. This leads the tongue astray, somewhat, as to taste that acerbic quinine still rushes forward. This is a fresh and crisp tonic, reminiscent of a just-ripe apple.
Tonic Water With a Hint of Floral Aromatics A sweet and gentle smell greets the nose, with hibiscus leading the floral charge. A wild meadow taste coats the tongue, sweet and delicate, though it’s joined by a bold portion of quinine. Once the bitterness dies down, that floral sensation once more settles on the mouth. 
Tonic Water With a Hint of Pink Peppercorn This is a tonic water quite like no other, that treads somewhat off the beaten path with its flavour journey. It’s sweet initially, before giving way to that quinine bitterness. After this, the pink peppercorns come in, bringing with them dryness and an aromatic taste.
Pop Up Want to try before you buy? Merchant's Heart have temporarily revived well-missed Dalston cocktail bar Silk Stockings, bringing it back for three weeks to serve up tastings, masterclasses cocktails and dancing. The bar is open Wednesday to Saturday, 6.30pm - Midnight until the 8th October. Follow them on Instagram @MerchantsHeart for more details.

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