An open letter to tonic water

Dear Tonic Water,

We’re here to publicly grovel. We beg, we need, we pine for your forgiveness. You see, we’re all about Gin here. We love Gin. We love Gin like we love summers and weekends and puppies, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love you too. You do the lions share of work in our favourite drink and the sight of you plinking and fizzing away in a perspiring glass, all dressed up with ice and a slice, is enough to turn us into a quivering mess.

Tonic, we adore you and by way of beseeching, we’ve done a little bit of matchmaking. Here are some Gins we think you’ll get along really, really well with. We’re only sorry that this will end in you being rapidly imbibed.

Hernö Navy Strength Gin

A pronounced pepper and spice smack at the palate, followed swiftly by a meadowsweet, resinous juniper. This won’t hide in a G&T, it’ll roar.

Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water

Pair Hernö with this classic, crisp tonic for a great balance of freshness and sweetness and a bitterness that sits just right.

Sacred Pink Grapefruit Gin

This is a lively, lip-smacking drink and though the pink grapefruit is turned up to 11, its still very much a juniper carnival.

Double Dutch Slimline Tonic Water

Team Sacred up with Double Tree Light for a refreshing, citrusy hit. Fix yourself a slim & tonic and toast yourself for your punning genius.

The West Winds Sabre Gin

This is a classic London dry with an Australian twist. Pungent juniper and fresh citrus are joined by wattle seeds, which bring a smooth mouthfeel.

Doctor Polidori Cucumber Tonic Water

Calm that hot little Australian number down with a cool slice of cucumber. This tonic is crisp and refreshing, with a distinctly vegetative flavour profile.

Thomas Dakin Gin

This is a savoury gin with an unusual botanical selection. Yes, juniper’s king here, but horseradish also enters the ring, bringing with it distinctive charms.

Thomas Henry Tonic Water

From one Thomas to another… this is a modern day stab at an old school tonic, with bitter quinine making this the Antony to Dakin’s Cleopatra.

April 27, 2016 by Emile Ward
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